Because Tuesdays deserve a bit of attention too

Tuesdays have led miserable lives. It is Monday’s friendly younger brother who does not really make much of an impression. The week is just getting started, and Friday is still a long way off.

Week after week Tuesday is overlooked, passed over in silence, forgotten and finally over and done with.

But no more.

We have given Tuesday an overhaul and a well-deserved promotion, and we now allow all our Tuesday guests the option of upgrading the small or the large menu and adding the four extra test dishes– without it showing on the bill.

All we ask is to be allowed to play and experiment. This way you get to try completely new dishes that we are considering putting on the regular menu and taste new, exciting – and who knows, maybe just as experimental – wines that we have fallen for.

You are welcome to just sit back and enjoy the food and company – or give us your honest opinion, once we get to the coffee and petit fours.
Because it is your Tuesday – and we hope that with our Tuesday Test, we can make it just a tad extra special.

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