Special occasions

A special occasion requires a special menu …

With our years of experience and wide network of quality suppliers, Restaurant Kokkeriet is a guarantee for success. We know what it takes to make your event an unforgettable experience for you and everyone invited.

A great party requires great planning. Our team of experienced staff members and event managers will do their utmost to ensure that even the slightest details will be taken care of, and that everything is carefully planned. In other words – state your requirements, and we will make sure you can relax and enjoy your own party to the fullest.

So in other words, we can help plan everything from a helicopter ride to a dinner for a few very special friends.

A private menu

Restaurant Kokkeriet offers a 3-course menu for your event.
The menu below is an example of a 3-course menu – we can and will modify the menu to your specific needs and requirements.

3 course menu

scallop – nuts – buttermilk – verbena

beef – mustard – celery – onion

chocolate – vanilla – rye bread – red berry

The price of a 3 course menu is DKK 500 per person


The dishes are just an example – we can and will modify the menu to your specific needs and requirements.

scallop – horseradish – watercress – pear

browned butter – crab – tomato – toast

salmon – roe – smoked cheese – radish

chicken liver – quince – Skagen ham – prune

cured veal – pickled onion – cress – cucumber

beetroot – truffle – chive – juice

onion – smoked mayo – ash – vinegar

poussin – parsley – salsify – rapeseed oil

carrot cake – cream cheese – buckthorn – cinnamon

apple – verbena – marzipan – tarragon

Price per dish DKK 50, a minimum of 5 dishes to 50 envelopes.


Restaurant Kokkeriet offers our very special buffet for your special event. The buffet below is just an example – you have the opportunity to customize the buffet according to your wishes and needs.

lettuce – egg – herbs – mustard

potato – almond – chervil – honey

beef – onion – marrow – lovage

stuffed spring chicken – celery – thyme

cod – beetroot – horseradish

root vegetables – apple – bread – dill

marzipan – white chocolate – almond – lemon

The price for a buffet is DKK 500 per person. person.

You are more than welcome to write us at sammy@kokkeriet.dk for more information.