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Gourmet cooking

DKK 1500 ex moms (VAT of 25 %), minimum of 10 participants.

The evening will consist of a complete gourmet experience in terms of both food and wine as you will begin the evening with a wine tasting and lecture. The courses and matching wines are from the menu in the restaurant, and the wines are chosen from our wine list accordingly. A gourmet menu could be:

scallop – pumpkin – roses

langoustine – chanterelles – gooseberries

oxtail – beetroot – mustard

white chocolate – rye bread – lavender

Gourmet cooking without wine tasting
DKK 1300 ex moms (VAT of 25 %), 10-20 participants.

Starts 1 hour later but is basically the same as the regular gourmet cooking, only without the wine tasting and lecture.