Our personal mission and baseline is highlighting and respecting the individual ingredients and then make them enter into new and higher levels of harmony. Familiar flavors in an unfamiliar context. High gastronomy in free interpretation – the way we ourselves convey it.

For us, food is one of the most beautiful things in the world — it speaks for itself entirely. Our style is based on four elements: nature – simplicity – flavor – Denmark. In my gastronomic interpretation, Danish flavor is when We are able to create something that my guests do not immediately recognize, but which can suddenly take them back to childhood memories and experiences with a single special or recognizable scent or dish – although fragmented and assembled anew. The Danish kitchen tells us so much about which part of the country we are from, and this often reveals how we see ourselves as persons.

The best thing in the world is seeing and sensing the pleasure and excitement of the guests – it’s all worth it, all the work and the preparations and the long days.

We will draw inspiration from all over the country for our small kitchen. Straight from the dishes we all know – or recognize – and love to more exotic regional cuisine from the darker corners of Denmark.

We focus on getting the individual ingredient to speak for itself, searching for the pure taste of what’s really Danish. Danish cuisine is very simple in its expression, and that is why it is such a challenge to mix it up and make it unique with new expressions, while still preserving the joy of recognition.

We work with small suppliers throughout Denmark, suppliers who live and breathe as much for what they do, as we do in the kitchen. There is no need to bring in produce from abroad when we can find some of the very best right here at home.

It is absolutely critical to us – and in the end to the result on the plate – that the same soul and love is behind each ingredient and each product, as I myself put into the preparation of the food.”