Funeral service in Copenhagen

It is not easy to say goodbye to someone we have loved–to someone whom we still love but who has now left this earth.

In addition to having to deal with the deep and stubborn grief that lies within us, there’s also a great number of practical things that need planning and to be taken care of.

This is where Kokkeriet can hopefully make the whole process just a little bit easier by helping you send off the guests in a proper manner after the funeral service.

It’s considered good practice to invite guests for a soothing goodbye ‘treat’ after a funeral; to gently tie a loop on that last farewell and share some comforting words with family and friends.

That is why, in collaboration with a number of churches in Copenhagen, we offer an elegant and easy-flowing goodbye event to send everyone well off onto their coming journeys.

Write to XX to learn more about your various options.

Price per person 500 DKK

The package includes coffee, cake, selected wines as well as freshly pressed juices.