Four Rising Stars

Kokkeriet loves new talent – and want to help improve and develop new, aspiring chefs and do our small part for Denmark to continue as a prominent country on the gastronomic world map. But skill and stardom are not achieved by talent alone. It takes hard work and countless hours in the kitchen (in addition to blood, sweat and tears) to get all the way to the top, and to really unfold your talent.
That is why we invite four apprentices from various restaurants into our kitchen every Wednesday evening to each make a dish of their own design and inspiration.

And, of course, you are welcome to join the tasting. Here you can upgrade the small or the large menu and add the four extra test dishes– without it showing on the bill.

Every Wednesday is your chance to taste the talent of tomorrow’s star chefs – while they in turn get the chance to work in a fully tuned Michelin kitchen and create a dish with their signature as well as test their creativity and independence – with an audience.

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