Cooking Classes for Companies

A unique evening
Joy and quality
Fruitful fellowship

One of the few things guaranteed to tie people together is the simple joy of a good meal and a great glass of wine. This is the basic philosophy of our cooking classes where “regular” people, if so to speak, join in to create a lovely meal – together.

Working in a kitchen – tasting, smelling, talking and enjoying – creates a fruitful fellowship amongst colleagues, friends, at customer events or when new groups are getting acquainted. It’s our experience that culinary work brings people together and creates a great team spirit, very suitable when you’re in need of proper quality bonding.

First we’ll start with a wine tasting. During the wine tasting we’ll focus on the relationship between elements of taste and aroma that impact food and wine pairing. We’ll talk about how to use your senses when tasting and discussing the complementary, as well as contrasting, principles of a good match.

When the meal is prepared and all the new chefs will be seated around our beautiful long wooden table, enjoying the selected wines and the fruits of the hard work in the kitchen.

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