Kokkeriet is all four seasons. It’s sprouting and succulent dishes in spring, light and elegant dishes in summer, longing and melancholic tastes by autumn and comfortable, warming dishes in the winter. It’s love, understanding and respect for the Danish gastronomy and heritage. With a sparkle in the eye, curiosity, stubbornness and a sincere intention to serve sublime Danish food reconstructed in the very best way.

Something we, by the way, are proud to have been awarded a star for in the Michelin Guide.
Kokkeriet is modern and old-fashioned, innovative and traditional, decadent and minimalist, formal as well as informal.

And we’re looking forward to welcoming you into our little place in the heart of Copenhagen.


My inspiration, food and kitchen

“For me, food is one of the most beautiful things in the world — it speaks entirely for itself. My style is based on four elements: nature – simplicity – flavor – Danish. In my gastronomic interpretation, Danish is when I am able to create something that my guests do not immediately recognize, but which can suddenly take them back to childhood memories and experiences with a single special or recognizable scent or dish – although fragmented and assembled anew”.

The Danish kitchen tells us so much about which part of the country we are from, and this often reveals how we see ourselves as persons.

Morten Krogholm, Head Chef

A World of Flavors

“Humor in a becomingly serious and extremely ambitious context, as part of a well-planned sequence of servings with the aid and challenge of the best wines. Diverse, subtle and strong flavors reaching out to the farthest corners of the mouth and evoking strange associations.

Celery, mushrooms, yellow peas and Brussels sprouts are recognized in the crowd. Danish classics, but here they skip, melt or crunch between your teeth, uniting with crab or duck in a way they have never done before. The familiar in the unknown.”

Thomas Winterberg